Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a New Website

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Web designing is an art, which requires a great deal of attention and skills. Although designing a website that meets all your needs isn’t an easy task, you can achieve this goal through an intelligent approach and deliberate planning.

To start with, here are the top seven things that you should consider when designing a new website.

Your Website is your Face

While creating a website, keep this fact in mind that your site must give all the information regarding who you are and what you do. In fact, a website is your face, which the visitors see.  Hence, you should try to portray the true and impressive image of your brand.

For this purpose, you can use your About Us page. You need to provide all the essential information about your company. Moreover, it would be appropriate to add a short story about how you started your business venture.

As a perfect example, look at this site and see how it puts itself as the perfect display for your first impression:

Keep in Mind the Purpose of your Site

The design of your site should be created by taking into account its purpose. You must also keep the intent of a user in mind. This will allow you to finalize the navigation and content of your site. Whether you are providing information or trying to get new customers, you must have a purpose in mind when creating a perfect website.

Domain Selection

No matter how impressive your product range is, visitors won’t find your site if its URL is a mess. Usually, people don’t even remember a difficult web address. Hence, make sure to create a web address that is simple and easy to memorize.

It would be better to include your brand name to make it more precise. A web address should also be search engine friendly. For instance, when you type the name of a renowned brand in the search bar, Google does the rest of the task by showing the official website of such a brand.

Highlight your Expertise

Showing your expertise is a viable way to engage a visitor. This will give a sense of satisfaction that they are not wasting their time and money by visiting your site. In addition, if your previous customers are happy with your services or products, make sure to add those testimonials at a conspicuous place on your site.

Present your Best Content

When creating a site, keep in mind to display your best content at the face of your web page. Meaning thereby, you must provide the information in such a manner that the visitor should read it without scrolling down.

Hence, your headers must provide the relevant information in a concise and easy to understand manner. Explaining everything in a few short sentences is a challenge and this is a factor, which makes the difference.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Mobile devices are taking a huge portion of online browsing. Therefore, if you want a realistic online presence, you must optimize your site for mobile devices. In case you already have a website, make sure to upgrade it by opting for a mobile version of that site.

Build an SEO- Friendly Site

Optimize your site for the search engines while you are creating it. This will allow you to integrate your SEO strategy within your site’s structure. As a result, you won’t have to realign your site for this purpose at a later stage.